As a newcomer, the sensory-overload of Delhi was very intimidating. I saw food being cooked in every little hole in the wall. But did I have the guts to go and eat? Naah.

Then one fine day, with my mouth watering and my stomach churning, I managed to put aside my fears. I got the directions to the nearest hospital in my back pocket for a potential "Delhi Belly", and I threw myself into the street!

I went on a rampage. I couldn't hold it no longer. I ate whatever I bumped into like a savage. You name it: Pani Puri, various Chaats, Samosas, Parathas, Chole Bhature, Egg Paranthes and so on...

lo and behold...I was alive.

So here you go. This was my initial attempt to show you around and take you to one of my favourite digs. (mind you, the video was my first attempt in 2012 so I might not be super-smooth)