Bro, Have You Seen My Camel?

A tour of Iran's diverse landscapes.

(story at the bottom)

"So the weather is like suuuper hot"
I always get that special question about Iran.
It's usually innocent, and it's amazingly irritating to many of my Iranian friends.
I guess it reminds them of other times...perhaps when someone jokingly asked about their "sand dunes and camels”.

I've usually found the question somewhat amusing. Many times I've taken out my phone, gone to google maps and shown them around.
I love doing it, because I love Iran, and they get a nice visual tour out of it. 

So here is my gift to you. It takes you through a bit of the country. The next time someone asks you, you have an album to show. No stress. :)

p.s. Iran is certainly much drier than many other countries. So that question about the heat is plausible. But so is its amazing four-season nature, definitely worth a quick tour.
p.s.2. I love camels. I’d take them any day over horses…And sand dunes? it’s still a dream for me to visit.


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