A moment of hope.

Two nights ago, I took my camera and ran out the door. It was a once in a decade opportunity! I took the photos below and made the video. Here is what went down:

On July 14th, 2015, Iran finally worked out an agreement regarding its Nuclear issue with the world powers.
It was an intense situation. During the past decade, Iran had been put under numerous sanctions which isolated it from the world. Its economy was adversely affected, and its people constantly felt its every effects in their lives. 
So as the negotiations reached their final deadline and was postponed numerous times beyond every party's patience, the agreements finally came to a conclusion on July 15th. A day many came to call a "Historic Day".
At night, the people flocked the streets of the capital, to breathe a sigh of relief and to rejoice for a possible bright future. They were loud, proud and full of energy. Celebrating the triumph of diplomacy and peace over war.

After all, over half of Iran's population is under 35. A population that is passionate, has many hopes and dreams for its future, wants to connect, build and do good. And perhaps, hope, is the greatest gift that one can have at this time.



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