Kerala Love.

When I think about what makes a place addictive and unforgettable, I think of this instance in Kerala, India;

We were on a boat in the backwaters of Allepey. Ikshan, started to sing a tamil song that was very popular in India at the time. As we snapped our fingers, sang and watched the sun set, the hindu temple out by the water played the Gayatri mantra like a mom singing a lullaby as people gathered. I thought of my own family back home. A farmer suddenly pulled up on another canoe and offered palm beer. The the smell of baked parathas from the houses in the distance filled the air.

In a few minutes I had experienced laughter, nostalgia, surprise, belonging, feeling lost, found, hungry and quenched... And such is a place that is unforgettable. One that takes, shakes, hugs and drops you into every emotion while u attempt to digest it all.

Note: the song is Tamil and not from Kerala but as he sang it, thus it became our soundtrack.
Soundtrack: Why this Kolaveri Di - Dhanush


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