When you least expect it

It came when I had given up on photography and ran away from it all and ended up in Vietnam. I felt useless, skill less and pretty lost...

I had arrived in Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) from Cambodia, and I was sitting in the hostel lobby thinking of what to do. not even 5 minutes had passed and I hear "Iman!". I thought to myself "aI must be delusional...who is calling my name in a country I have just arrived in?"

She stood in the door frame. Kathrin. I had known her from a week before in Cambodia. I was awestruck of how we could have crossed paths again.

In the evening I rented a motorbike, we sat together and went head first into the chaos of the busiest city of Vietnam. Narrow Alleys, street markets, traffic and nonstop honking brought us to the most random of all places; a door-less, hipster bike cafe.

Walking in and checking out their collection of random mementos and vintage Vietnamese records, I heard a guy say: "hello you speak english?" Turning around, I found a stranger who looked like he owned the cafe speaking with a round Vietnamese accent.

"Yes...You have a very cool shop!"

"Thank you. Enjoy"

"Thank you"

"One question" he asked, "My girlfriend sitting there is Fashion designer".

"Okay" I said... "Great to meet you both"

"She has a photoshoot tomorrow, but our model cancelled...Is your friend a model?" he asked, pointing at Kathrin.

"Hum...I think you should ask her?" completely perplexed, I turned to Kathrin. "do you model?"

As confused as I was she asked for more information. As we slowly came to realize that what is happening is real and legit, I quietly turned to Kathrin and said "Say yes! say yes!"

After all seemed to be in place, I turned to him and said "You know I am also a photographer, and I work in Vancouver...and I can help you tomorrow. Here is my work"

"Noooo! this is crazy...!" Flipping through the photos samples on my phone, now it was his turn to be surprised. "Can you?"

"Sure!" I said. "Just tell us where, and what time"

What followed was an amazing day of creative work, in a setting I loved, in the most absurd way possible.

Oh I forgot to mention. That night when we left the cafe, I went to pickup my friend from the airport. He was flying in from Vancouver to travel with me, and he was bringing in my camera that I was going to work with the next day. The timing and the just the whole occurence of this shoot was unbelievable. Just the way everything followed when I had finally given in onto my senses and decided to go with the flow.

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