I found a Prophet in Italy

I met Roberto while on a project in Chiusi;
a magical little town on the mountains in Tuscany.

We started chatting in the park. He spoke of of his ideas on life.

A few years ago, he had written a book.
The book questioned our linear, evolutionary views on human intelligence and nature.

He had sold 0 copies.

some years later, he compressed his ideas into 12 pages and put it on Amazon.
Still, no one noticed.

At this point I said:

"Roberto, this generation can give you only 30 seconds, and it should be in video… Tell me what you have in mind and I will try to capture it..."

What resulted was 7 minutes of video. Which I have compacted into 3.5. It certainly doesn’t do what he had to say justice. But it is a start.

Soundtrack: The End - Christophe Rezai

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