We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.
~Taoist proverb

It was like the world had stopped!
And that cambodian music...oh so soothing, it hit the spot.

It made me think of all the busy streets in every city where I had lived. The frustrated moments I had in taxis, metros, queues, streets...Eating while running to a meeting...texting that I will be late while speeding down the highway...filling my tax/medical/loan/job-application forms and cursing the world for being so complex. 

Those moments felt like an eternal cage. I felt eternally-tangled, in things that made my life unenjoyable. I would call them "moments where I could not imagine any alternative happy reality." 

I think, in those situations, if I only knew that "hey, right this moment, somewhere not too far, life is simple, and at peace. Happy places do exist.  You are not far from it at all, and you will soon get to enjoy something similar. Be it by the sea, on the mountain or in your home."

And So, here is my assurance, to you: This is now. right now. in Cambodia.

Life is not all that bad, you are just in a bad spot now. I've been there, a lot. But soon you will be in a happy place and space. Much sooner than you think. And then, you will have already forgotten about all of those confusions, and will be enjoying life as you like it, next to the people you love. Cheer up :)