Siem Riep. Cambodia. 2015

Siem Riep. Cambodia. 2015

When I was just a kid, deep in the large bookshelf in our house, there was a book that I could barely handle with my hands. Every once in a while, I would climb up, pull the book out with all of my strength, put it on the ground and spend a whole hot summer afternoon flipping through its pages. The book was all images. Life Magazine's compilation of their best images: Monks, meditating in small caves in a mountain in Cambodia. A cowboy taming a wild horse somewhere in the US. Masai Warriors, doing a jumping dance next to their huts in Kenya... I imagined myself in there, with them. Sharing that moment. In my mind, I traveled far to those places. It took me so far away from where I was, and it brought me extreme joy. 

It was at some point later, when I figured, maybe that is what life is about. Maybe its about us experiencing these 'moments', where everything just comes together perfectly: The sounds, the people, the imagery, the smells, the textures...Maybe we are here to experience these moments, as many as we can, and experience this sudden joy and sense of unity and connection.

That's when I set off. Perhaps, in the hopes of experiencing as many of these moments as possible, capturing it, and bringing them back with me to my loved ones, to the people I know, and conveying them through a story, an image, an audio piece or a video clip.

I wish with all of my heart that I can bring you as much joy and exhilaration as I felt at the moment I captured that moment.

"To see the world, to see behind walls, draw closer,
to find each other, and to feel.  That is the purpose of life"

Henry Luce, Founder of Life Magazine, 1936